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Aloha of Solar Showcases Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall

Maui-based solar panel installer Rising Sun Solar welcomed about 100 guests to its Aloha of Solar event at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Kahului, last Thursday 2 March 2017.

The question on everyone’s mind? What is going with home solar systems on Maui? Can Maui residents still get home solar systems? What are solar batteries?  Are they worth adding to your solar panel installation?

Want solar on your home?

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Rising Sun chief executive officer and co-founder Matias Besasso explained to the group that solar is alive and well in Hawaii, in fact its even better than before because now we can store solar energy in batteries and use it at night and when the grid goes down.

Maui Electric Company’s current home solar program – Customer Self Supply program (CSS) – is the present and future of solar in Hawaii. It provides a clear and convenient path for homeowners to install solar panels in Hawaii. CSS customers will save $1000s by switching to a 100% clean home solar system. They will also be a critical part of reaching Hawaii’s goal of powering our island home with 100% renewable energy by 2040.

Today’s home solar systems are powered directly by the sun during the day and store excess energy in a home battery that powers the home in the evening. The solar energy experts at Rising Sun have partnered with Tesla Energy to offer revolutionary solar batteries, which are perfectly suited for maximum savings and performance under the CSS program.

CSS solar is in some ways more valuable that previous programs. With a properly sized system, customers will rarely ever need to use fossil-fuel energy from the utility, and can expect MECO bills as low as $25. Most importantly, CSS customers will also have some back-up power available during a utility outage.

At the inaugural event Rising Sun gave away a bunch of great raffle prizes:

Ruben Aguas won a Tesla Powerwall 2.0

two men standing over powerwall tesla home battery platform

Judy Doucette and Gerry Damien both won dinner for 2 at Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman

Miyoko Miyata won 2 round-trip plane tickets to the mainland!

Rising Sun would like to thank all the attendees and supporters for making this event possible. I mua solar!