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Maui Electric Rates Are Going Up 9%, Great Time to Go Solar

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This is a great time to consider going solar.

Maui Electric has proposed a 9.3% increase in base electricity rates, equivalent to increased revenues of $30 million, to help pay for operating costs, including system upgrades to increase reliability, integrate more renewable energy, and improve customer service.

The utility said that this is the first increase to the company’s rates in nearly six years.

According to Maui Electric, based on today’s rates, if approved, a typical Maui residential bill for 500 kilowatt-hours would increase by $13.46 a month, to $161.10.

On Lāna‘i, a typical residential bill for 400 kilowatt-hours would increase by $13.83 a month, to $160.55, and on Moloka‘i, $11.25 a month, to $147.60.

The request still needs to be reviewed by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Maui Electric says any approved change would likely not take effect until the last half of 2018, at the earliest.

The company said that going forward, the revenue will be tied to meeting new benchmarks to measure its performance in key areas, including customer service, reliability, and communication for the rooftop-solar interconnection process.

Download the companies press release here:

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