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Our Carbon Footprint

Rising Sun’s company culture promotes health and sustainability. Many of our employees have solar panels on their homes and our Haiku office is outfitted with a solar system that powers the office and the majority of the building.

We are a partner in the Maui Electric Vehicle initiative and have electric and hybrid vehicles in our fleet. We are committed to lowering CO2 emissions as a company and in our community.

growing many plants in bags

We plant a koa tree for every customer

Rising Sun has been an advocate for Solar and reducing CO2. The average 5kW PV system avoids CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 160 trees annually. In efforts to restore what is known as the “king of the forest,” Hawaiian Island Land Trust created the Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods’ forestry program. This program allows participants to pay for a Koa tree to be planted and monitored.

We are proud to support these efforts by planting a Koa tree on behalf of each customer as part of the Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods Reforestation Partnership

Get Started Now and always save on Your Energy Bill

We will custom design and install a solar system for your home so you can lock in electricity savings for the next 20 years.