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Solar Help Hawaii 101 and FAQ

Solar panel systems can be complicated, but going solar doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn all about solar panel technology, maintenance, and installation in Solar 101 and our handy Frequently Asked Questions section.

How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity for Hawaii Homes

Solar panels work their magic using a component found in sand, called silicon. When sunlight touches this silicon, electricity forms. This sunlight to electricity conversion is a boon for places with abundant sunshine, like Hawaii. Thanks to renewable energy sources like these panels, the electricity rate in many homes has become more manageable, cutting down energy costs significantly.

The Average Cost of Solar Panels in Hawaii

Understanding the average cost of solar panels in Hawaii is vital for potential adopters. Costs vary based on system size and equipment quality, but competitive pricing is now more common. With the promise of a reduced average electric bill with solar panels and available state incentives, solar energy becomes an enticing investment for Hawaii’s residents.

Average Electric Bill in Hawaii with Solar Panels

Hawaii’s sunny days make solar an attractive option. Interestingly, the average electric bill in Hawaii with solar panels shows a significant drop. With the state’s high electricity rates, transitioning to solar can yield substantial monthly savings. So, if reducing costs while adopting a greener lifestyle appeals to you, solar power in Hawaii should be top of mind.

10 Things To Know About Photovoltaic Solar Panels

  1. Tailoring to Your Budget. Handling your monthly electricity bill in Hawaii means you’re set for solar panels. With options like a $0-down solar loan or lease, you can finance your system and notice the savings instantly.
  2. Are Solar Panels Worth it in Hawaii? Solar panels aren’t just about renewable energy, they’re a wise investment. Hawaii solar incentives might decrease as more homeowners adopt solar.
  3. Decades of Solar: Solar photovoltaic systems got their start in 1954. Today, given the average cost of solar panels in Hawaii and their efficiency, it’s no surprise that many homeowners in the U.S. are opting for them.
  4. Durability: Made from tempered glass, these panels withstand Hawaii’s varied weather, from rain to strong winds. They also protect roofs from wear and tear.
  5. Expect 25+ Years of Green Energy. In Hawaii, where energy costs are a concern, solar systems offer a long-term solution, generating electricity consistently for over 25 years.
  6. Low Maintenance:. Solar panels in Hawaii, known for their renewable energy benefits, require minimal upkeep.
  7. Anywhere in the U.S. is Solar Ready: Almost all U.S. locations, especially Hawaii with its abundant sunlight, are perfect for solar electricity.
  8. Stay Connected: Even with solar, your home stays grid-connected. This balance ensures you always have power, adjusting with your panels’ output and the grid’s supply.
  9. Cutting Down the Average Electric Bill in Hawaii. Given the average electric bill in Hawaii with solar panels, many homeowners find significant savings annually. If your roof has space for the right system size, expect to notice a huge difference.
  10. Installation Flexibility: Be it your roof, ground, or a solar canopy, if it’s in Hawaii and gets consistent sunlight, it’s ready for solar panels. Given the cost in Hawaii, it’s an opportunity to leverage property tax exemption benefits and other solar incentives.

Types of Solar Companies

Hawaii’s rich solar landscape offers various company types. Recognizing them helps make decisions on cost, incentives, and whether solar panels are worth it in Hawaii.

  • One-Stop Solutions Vertically integrated firms manage everything from crafting to maintaining solar panels. They offer a comprehensive approach, ideal for those considering the average cost of solar panels in Hawaii.
  • Comprehensive Support Full service firms handle installation and maintenance, sourcing panels from manufacturers. They tap into the best technology, with a keen eye on Hawaii’s solar incentives.
  • Panel Creators Focused on crafting, these companies produce the panels that power Hawaii. Their expertise is crucial for those evaluating if solar panels are worth it in Hawaii.
  • Installation Specialists Installers are your go-to for setting up. They select top-tier panels but might leave the financing ball in your court.

Get Started Now and always save on Your Energy Bill

We will custom design and install a solar system for your home so you can lock in electricity savings for the next 20 years.

Important Things To Consider When Going Solar

Embracing solar energy is a bright decision especially in sunny Hawaii. But before you dive in, it’s essential to ponder over a few critical aspects. Considering these factors below ensures that you get the most out of your investment, especially when evaluating the worth of solar panels in Hawaii

Financing Options in Hawaii

Every significant investment offers multiple payment pathways. The options for funding your solar installation in Hawaii include:

  • Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA): The solar company retains system ownership while you buy the generated power at a set rate. They handle installation, upkeep, and repairs, offering peace of mind.
  • Lease to Own: Some companies offer an option to purchase the system after leasing, allowing you to claim ownership at market value post-lease.
  • Loan: Spreading the system’s cost over time is possible with loans offered by many solar companies. The savings from the solar system often offset loan costs.
  • Upfront Purchase: For those who can, buying the system outright cuts down on long-term finance charges and secures a quicker return on investment.
  • Relocating: If you move, you can transfer the system lease to the new owner or incorporate its cost into your home’s selling price.


Quality reigns supreme when selecting solar panels and inverters. While budget-friendly options might seem appealing, premium equipment often guarantees better performance and longevity. Ensure the equipment is tailored to Hawaii’s energy demands and costs.

Total System Cost

When determining the value of solar panels in Hawaii, always consider the entire system cost. This includes the panels, installation charges, inverters, and possible additional features. A comprehensive cost analysis provides a clearer view of your potential savings and return on investment.

Additional Services

Some of Hawaii’s leading solar firms offer added services like energy storage or advanced monitoring systems. Such services can amplify your solar system’s efficiency. Cross-check these services with Hawaii’s solar incentives to maximize benefits.

Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is invaluable. The solar experience extends beyond just the installation phase. From maintenance to possible system upgrades, having a reliable team to turn to ensures a seamless solar journey.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Hawaii?

With the evident reduction in the average electric bill with solar panels, the answer is yes. The initial costs are outweighed by long-term savings, tax breaks, and state incentives, making solar panels a lucrative and eco-friendly choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will solar panel system cost in Hawaii?

The cost of a solar panel system in Hawaii varies depending on system size, equipment choice, and installation factors.To get an exact quote tailored to your needs, it’s best to seek solar help in Hawaii from a professional provider.

How long will it take for solar panels to pay for themselves in Hawaii?

The payback period for solar panels depends on various factors, including the system’s cost and the average electric bill in Hawaii with solar panels.

Does solar increase home value in Hawaii?

Yes, homes equipped with solar panels tend to have higher property values. Buyers are often willing to pay a premium for homes with solar installations, knowing they’ll benefit from a reduced average electric bill in Hawaii with solar panels.

Does Hawaii have a solar tax credit?

Hawaii offers various incentives for homeowners looking to invest in solar. While federal tax credits are available, Hawaii has its set of state-specific solar incentives. It’s advisable to seek solar help in Hawaii for up-to-date information on current tax credits.

Can I install my own solar panels in Hawaii?

While technically possible, installing your own solar panels can be complex. For optimal efficiency and safety, it’s recommended to consult professionals who provide solar help in Hawaii. They can ensure your system is set up correctly and efficiently.

Get Started Now and always save on Your Energy Bill

We will custom design and install a solar system for your home so you can lock in electricity savings for the next 20 years.