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Why Solar

Save money, save the planet

Save on your monthly electric bill

We believe everyone deserves a clean and cheaper alternative to their utility.

Electricity costs are increasing

Year on year the cost of electricity rises and solar enables you to buffer the effects of costlier fossil fuels.

Electricity in Hawaii

90% of Hawaii’s electricity comes from burning fossil fuels.

11.3 million barrels of oil are imported to generate electricity at a cost of $1.55 billion annually.

Hawaii’s residents pay the nation’s most expensive electricity prices.

(Source:, Get the Facts)

Hawaii Solar

High sunshine hours means strong ability for homes to generate electricity from solar panels.

97% of all Hawaii residents believe solar is the best choice for Hawaii.

Go solar and always save on your electricity

We will custom design and install a solar system for your home so you can lock in electricity savings for the next 20 years.