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Hawaii Renewable energy

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Wind farm with sunset in background

Hawaii Island is moving forward with its renewable energy goal, and rooftop solar continues to be front and center in the plan for hitting 100% Statewide by 2040.

Key factors in 2020 were the gradual return of the Puna Geothermal Venture, which came back online in November, increased solar and wind production, and reduced energy use owing to pandemic lockdown.

Although energy production and use fell to historically low levels, the cost of energy remains one of the highest in the US, and resumed its up-trend in November 2020.

Residential electricity rates (HELCO Schedule-R) on the Big Island are now slightly above 32c, after falling to 28c in June. Commercial rates (Schedule-J) meanwhile, are now 26c, up from 22c in June.

A rooftop solar system, including batteries, on an average family home, will pay for itself through utility savings within 6 or 7 years.