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Hawaiian Electric new solar initiatives

Hawaiian Electric has announced some new initiatives to keep rooftop solar moving forward in the islands. 

With space for large renewable energy plants extremely limited in the islands, the utility and its partners (including you!) must get creative with new ways to achieve the decarbonization of Hawaii’s power grid by 2045.

To provide as much support as possible, the utility is rolling out a few initiatives to help you get the most out of your home solar system, and participate directly in development of the smart grid on Maui, Big Island, and Oahu.

hawaiian electric develops plan to ramp up rooftop solar for 100 clean energy goals

For example, the QuickConnect program allows customers to energize their home solar systems as soon as they are installed, so you can enjoy your bill savings faster than ever. As your sales rep if you qualify for QuickConnect so you can get the most from your solar panels as soon as possible.

The utility is also working on programs to supplement the savings provided by rooftop solar panels. These new programs should simplify and streamline the programs already in place for solar panels and home batteries. 

Click here to learn how the utility plans to pay customers with home batteries to supply stabilizing services to the overall grid. These voluntary programs are likely to be open to every grid-tied solar system with a home battery. Customers will likely be financially rewarded by the utility grid for providing services in normal and emergency conditions. 

Now, won’t that make a nice change!

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