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Maui leads renewable charge with 50% from clean energy

Maui County now leads the state of Hawaii in renewable energy with just over half the electricity used coming from clean energy sources during 2021, Hawaiian Electric said in a recent announcement.

A six percent increase in rooftop solar systems across the state saw nearly 5,000 new systems added for a combined total of 53MW in 2021.

If you were one of the homeowners to go solar in 2021, you can give yourself a “High Five” for being part of the solution as we accelerate efforts to reach 100% by 2045!

“Everyone owns a piece of this remarkable progress,” said Shelee Kimura, president, and CEO of Hawaiian Electric. “It marks a huge step forward in Hawaii’s transition away from reliance on imported fossil fuels and by continuing to work with our communities, government, and other stakeholders we’re confident we can achieve our goal of reducing carbon emissions from power generation by 70% by 2030.”

maui big solar panel sunset

Hawaiian Electric last year announced a new program for solar homes with batteries to accelerate clean energy on the neighbor islands, in partnership with Swell Energy and Rising Sun.

To learn how you can qualify to receive as much as $11,000 from the utility over the next five years by allowing your home solar + battery system to be managed by a smart control system that will cut your monthly electric bill and support the electric grid at the same time.